About Us

Amanda (and Goblin)

For over 30 years, I have immersed myself in the world of jewelry, and am so happy to be able to share that passion with others! I was lucky enough to work in several fine jewelry stores for over 15 years before venturing out on my own. In the mid 2000's I attended the Gemological Institute of America and received my Graduate Gemologist Diploma. Later I took bench jeweler classes through New Approach School for Jewelers in Tennessee, and opened my home studio in 2015. Full-time, I do fine jewelry repairs for local stores. In my spare time I create my own designs using Fordite that I cut and polish myself, and any other local Michigan stones or unusual gemstones that call out to me. You can view some of my jewelry in person at Higher Art Gallery and Gold and Jaye Jewelry, both in beautiful downtown Traverse City, Michigan. 

I really enjoy repairing a much-loved jewelry item, as well as discovering loose gemstones that inspire me to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry with them. Most of the stones featured in my designs are found through gem and mineral shows, specialized rock shops, or are purchased right from the gem cutter (including members of my local Michigan rock and mineral club). Each piece of beach glass in my designs was collected by me on the shores of Lake Superior.

Vintage and antique jewelry are also a passion of mine! I love scouring antique stores and auctions for unique vintage pieces, and though I often find it hard to let go, it's a wonderful feeling to meet other collectors and experience their joy at finding the perfect piece to round out their collection!


While Amanda does all the designing, innovation, fabrication, selling, customer communication, and general running of the business, I do everything else. Which pretty much means I'm the one responsible for the technology side of things - mainly the website. If you're having any issues with any aspect of the site, let me know and we'll get it taken care of immediately.